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Above Fireplace Pull Down TV Mount – MantelMount MM540

I have a small living room in my house.  Probably around 280-300 sq feet.  My living room has an old-fashioned brick fireplace which to me is probably outdated and I don’t think I’ll be using it anytime soon.

The Problem

I wanted to maximize my living room space, so I decided to search for a wall mount for my TV and possible put it right on top of the firewall.  The problem with that is, the TV would be too high above eye level and it will uncomfortable watching long periods of television.

The Solution

Enter the Mantel Mount MM540 Above Firewall Pull Down TV Mount.  What’s great about this setup is – the mount can be pulled down and thereby lowering the TV for a better TV viewing experience!  It is a really awesome concept!  Once you pull down the TV, you may swivel it 35 degrees, left or right!  It has a feature where when you raise up your TV in a swiveled position,  it will automatically straighten itself and prevent damage on the TV. And did I mention they have a limited lifetime warranty? How awesome is that.

The pull down TV wall mount is a product from Mantel Mount which is based out of San Diego, CA.  The awesome people of Mantel Mount invented the “Pull Down TV Mount” (they even trademarked it).  An insanely amount of time, research & development, testing was invested in developing this product and I truly believe it. I’m one happy customer!  The company boasts positive reviews on their site, and on the Amazon product page.

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There are 4 different models to choose from:

  • MM340 Standard – entry level pull-down tv mounts
  • MM540 Enhanced – popular model, give you true safety and complete functionality of pull down tv mount.
  • MM700 Pro – more heavy duty construction and smooth  full range motion
  • MM750 Pro – top of the line pull down tv mount. Includes recess box, and 4 top echelon gas pistons for larger TVs. Smooth travel, has the most range of motion out of the 4 models, provides surface or recessed configuration.

Feature Comparison

Here’s a comparison chart of the 4 models to help you choose the best model for your needs.

MODEL MM340 MM540 MM700 MM750 PRO
MSRP $229 $399 $549 $899
 Cable Management YES YES YES YES
 Adjustable Stops YES YES YES YES
 Enhanced Stabilization YES YES YES YES
 Automotive Pistons YES YES YES YES
 Paintable Wall Cover YES YES YES
 Sound Bar Adapter YES YES YES
 Heat Sensing Handle YES YES YES
 Heavy Duty Steel YES YES
 Enhanced Leveling YES
 Stop Anywhere Positioning YES
 Bult-In Recess Box YES
 TV Weight Capacity 20 – 90 lbs. 20 – 90 lbs. 30 – 115 lbs. 30 – 125 lbs.
 TV Size 44 ” – 80″ 44″ – 80″ 50″ – 100″ 55″ – 100″
 Count Balance Mechanism 2 Gas Pistons 2 Gas Pistons 2 Gas Pistons 4 Gas Pistons
 Horizontal Swivel 30° each way 35° each way / 60° one way 35° each way / 60° one way 25° each way
 Adjustable Tilt Up to 8° Up to 3°
 Recess Box (add on unless noted) $179.99 $179.99 $179.99 Included
 Maximum Lowering Distance 27″ / 29″ 27″ / 29″ 24″ / 26″ 30.5″ / 32″
 Off-the-wall Distance 14″ / 18.75″ 14″ / 18.75″ 12″ / 16.75″ 20.5″ / 24″
 Flush to Wall Distance 1.8″ / 5.5″ 1.8″ / 5.5″ 1.8″ / 5.5″ 1.8″ / 5″
 Mounting Pattern (VESA) 200mm x 200mm to 725mm x 550mm 200mm x 200mm to 800mm x 550mm 200mm x 200mm to 600mm x 600mm 200mm x 200mm to 600mm x 600mm
 Product Weight 25 lbs 29 lbs 38 lbs 67 lbs
 Packaged Weight 36 lbs 42 lbs 42 lbs 91 lbs
 Package Dimensions 35″ x 23″ x 7″ 35″ x 23″ x 7″ 38″ x 17″ x 7″ 38″ x 21″ x 10″

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I decided to go with the MM540 pull down tv mount model because I have the 65” Samsung Smart TV and a separate soundbar.  The entry level pull down mount does not include the sound bar adapter.


Here are notable features of the MM540 model:

  • Includes Sound Bar adapter/attachment
  • Heat Sensing Pull down handles
  • Paintable wall covers
  • Adjustable Stops & Auto Straightening
  • 29” Vertical Travel Distance
  • 35 degree swivel each way or 60 degrees one way
  • 8 degree adjustable tilt

I purchased the MM540 model at Amazon for $399.  Now, at the time of purchase, MM540 was on sale with $100 off (Black Friday), and I also used my Amazon gift card worth $129. The final price (including taxes) was $192 which was awesome!



You need at two people to work on the assembly/installation, well at least for placing the TV on to the mount.  The install is pretty easy if you’re quite the handy man.  Assembly is faster with an electric screw driver/drill.

The assembly and installation probably took me 1 to 1 ½ hour.  Yes, it may sound too long but I wanted to make sure I’m doing it right, reading all steps and taking my time.  What’s especially important is the placement of the wall plate to the wall.  It has to be perfect so that when you pull down your TV, the center arm will not hit the fireplace mantel.  And if you order the model with a sound bar attachment, that also needs to take into account.

I found an awesome video from the company here:

Here are Install Guide for your convenience:

Install Tips Video

Or click here to download Install Tips PDF


Find an Installer

If you’re not comfortable installing the Mantel Mount Pull Down TV mount yourself, the company has partnered with companies that can help you install. Click this LINK to open a website for searching Mantel Mount installers. Enter your ZIP code and hit Search.


Safety Features

Mantel Mount takes pride of quality and engineering of their pull down tv mount products.  They spared no expense in delivering the best pull down tv mount in the market today.  Here are some of the safety features it provides:

  • Proper Geometry – Ensures force from the gas springs are consistent with light Tvs to heavy TVs.
  • Auto Stabilization – enhanced auto stabilization to ensure if one spring is strong than the other, it will not bias the mount and will maintain a level TV.
  • Horizontal Brace with Handle – Pulling down force is acted on the mount itself and not on the TV’s frame hence protecting your investment.
  • Temperature Sensing Handle – the handle will turn red at 110 degrees to warn customer if the heat from the firewall is about to damage the TV and/or sound bar.
  • Adjustable Stops – all mounts have adjustable stops to prevent it from hitting the wall or mantel.
  • Auto Straightening – mount will adjust to a straight position when raised to avoid TV or mount from hitting wall.



I think the Mantel Mount MM540 pull down TV mount is the best wall mount in the market today. I’m very happy with the product.  It is absolutely worth the investment.  If you’re looking for a TV wall mount for your firewall, look no further.

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