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Greenworks Dethatcher 27022 Review

When we got our sod done/installed in our backyard, it looked beautiful.  Lush green carpet like grass.  This is my first lawn, so I did some research online so I can maintain properly.  One thing I learned was removing of ‘thatch’.

What is Thatch?

Thatch is layer of different organic matter that is developed between the grass and the soil.  Thatch is basically dead grass, leaves, dead stems and roots.  Thatch essentially becomes a barrier between your healthy grass and the soil beneath it, hence prevents water, air and moisture to freely circulate your lawn.  Moreover, excessive thatch encourages moss growth, insects and may invite disease organisms to appear.

Cut out a small area of the grass to see how much thatch has accumulated overtime.  If you see thatch at about half an inch, then it’s the right time to dethatch your lawn.  Dethatching your lawn will encourage your lawn to get more nutrients, water and air and will make your lawn to grow thicker and healthier and have that beautiful lush carpet look.  I’ve read in other blogs that it’s advisable to dethatch every season or least once every year, which is not a bad plan.


How does it work?

Greenworks Dethatcher
Greenworks Dethatcher

The Greenworks Dethatcher 27022 works similar to a lawn mower, you push it forward, but instead of a blade that spins, a Greenworks Dethatcher 27022 has motorized roller with spikes or tines.  The rollers/tines will then rotate at a constant speed and will remove the thatch from under your green grass and push it to the back of the machine.  There are 3 height adjustments located on the side of the wheels of the dethatcher.  Start with the highest setting and give it a whirl.  Don’t start at the lowest setting, otherwise, the spikes or tines may dig deep and reach the soil! You don’t want that to happen because it will also remove the health grass that is rooted on the soil.

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  • Easy hold padded grips and bale switch for overall convenience and ergonomics
  • Stainless steel tines stay sharp for longer reliability and performance.
  • 3 position tine depth adjustment for removing layers of thatch
  • Integrated cord lock to prevent power cord from disconnecting

The Greenworks Dethatcher 27022 is easy to use tool that works similar to a lawn mower.  Turn on the machine and  push it forward.  It’s that easy.  Also, make sure to use the highest tine settings at first.  The thatch is then pushed to the back of the machine as your walking.

Unfortunately, the Greenworks Dethatcher 27022 does not come with a rear bag to catch all the dead grass.  But that’s no problem, you can simply use a rake to gather all the dead grass and put in a trash bag – No problem.

When using the Greenworks Dethatcher 27022, I would advise to walk at a steady quick pace.  You don’t want the machine running idly in a location for more than 3-5 seconds.  Some reviewers have also pointed out that the rear flap may keep the thatch within the machine and may cause gunk to accumulated inside.  The machine pushes out the thatch but with the flap, it needs to gather more before the flap opens freely and releases it.  Some users have removed the flap which makes the thatch to just come right out of the back end right away, which is not a problem really. Unless you have rocks and stones and solid debris, then you may want to keep the rear flap in place.  Also, users have noted that vibration the machine makes and hence loosens the wing nut of the rear flap.

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The unit requires assembly.  It’s an easy process and basically what you’ll put together is the handle.  The handle has two parts: lower handle and the upper handle. I would advise to follow the instruction manual on how to assemble the handle to the machine.  Word of advice, the instruction manual is in black/white print.  It’s easy to miss Figure 3.1. There are 3 parts to it. (1) Screw (2) lower handle (3) rubber pad. I missed the rubber pad and installed the lower handle without it and figured out I was really missing a part.

The only thing I don’t like about this design is that the lower handle does not fold. It stays in place, but the upper handle folder by loosening the side wing nuts.


Operation and Ease of Use

The Greenworks Dethatcher 27022 is easy to operate, just like a lawn mower.  The Greenworks Dethatcher 27022 is a corded dethatcher, you for sure you will need an extension cord.  If you have a small yard, then this solution is great for you!  Here’s what it says on the manual about acquiring an extension cord:


Make sure your extension cord is in good condition. When using an extension cord, be sure to use one heavy enough to carry the current your product will draw. A wire gauge size (A.W.G.) of at least 14 is recommended for an extension cord 50 feet or less in length. A cord exceeding 100 feet is not recommended. If in doubt, use the next heavier gauge. The smaller the gauge number, the heavier the cord. An undersized cord will cause a drop in line voltage resulting in loss of power and overheating.


Please read the included manual for all safety instructions for operating the Greenworks Dethatcher 27022.

The  Greenworks Dethatcher 27022 is easy to use.  Get your extension cord, and on the female end,  loop it to the detacher’s cord retainer, and then connect the female plug to the electrical cord of the dethatcher.  Finally connect the extension cord to your power outlet.  To power on, use one hand to press the power button, then use the other hand to pull up the bale switch.  The dethatcher machine will power on and you’ll feel a forward pull once the tines are turning.  Then at a steady pace, just like mowing a lawn, you can go up and down your lawn.  Again, don’t stay at one spot while the machine is running.  As you go through your lawn, the thatch will be left behind.  Since the Greenworks Dethatcher 27022 doesn’t have a rear bag, you’ll have to rake up all the dead grass from the surface of your lawn.

Like mowing lawn, it is advisable to dethatch while your lawn is dry to avoid any slips, or mud from getting in to the machine.

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After use, like any other tools in the shed, you want to clean it up to prolong its reliability and performance.  First off before inspecting your dethatcher, unplug it from the power outlet.  Wear a pair of heavy duty work gloves and turn the dethatcher on its side to inspect the bottom of the dethatcher machine. Pull out any loose debris/dead grass from the bottom.

The awesome thing about this dethatcher is that it is electric powered.

The unit does come with extra tines in the event the tines need replacement.  I haven’t changed the tines myself, but if you do need to, please read the instruction manual under the Maintenance section.

Here’s some information from the instruction manual:

  • Do not use running water to clean the lawn dethatcher, especially high pressure water.
  • Do not use hard pointed objects like screw driver to clean the lawn dethatcher
  • To save storage space, the handle can be folded by releasing the wing nuts. Make sure the power cable doesn’t get tangled while folding the handle.
  • The lawn dethatcher must be stored in a dry, closed room away from children’s access.
  • When moving or transporting the lawn dethatcher, set the depth adjustment to its highest position to avoid damage over sensitive surfaces like tiles, wood floors.



Overall, the Greenworks Dethatcher 27022 is great product for use with a small lawn area.  I am happy with this purchase.  It is eco-friendly and very affordable at sub $200 price point in Amazon.  If you want to keep your lawn looking beautiful, a dethatcher must be part of your maintenance and the Greenworks Dethatcher 27022 does a perfect job for my needs.

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  • Eco-Friendly, zero emissions, electric powered
  • Easy operation
  • Great for small yards
  • Lightweight
  • 4 Year Warranty



  • No collection bag
  • Requires extension cord
  • Assembly (might be user error)

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